​Strengthen the Life Force of your growing food.

Introducing the revolutionary Food Waste Based fertilizer —


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Americans waste 130 billion pounds of food per year.

Now you can move food waste to a higher purpose.

Grow bigger plants, not bigger landfills.

Get the revolutionary food waste based fertilizer.

Good for plants, people and our planet.

LIFEFORCE™ 1-1-1 sources food waste from leading grocery store partners so you can grow better plants instead of landfills. Good for plants, people and our planet. Do good for all with LIFEFORCE 1-1-1.

Not all organic products can pass the rigorous testing and verifications needed to be OMRI-Certified. Get confidence and quality with a choice that makes a difference — kid-friendly, pet-friendly LIFEFORCE 1-1-1 Food Waste Based fertilizer.


LIFEFORCE Turf and Ornamental

I recycle, compost and re-use everything I can, but it seems there’s never enough compost for all my plants. I grow all types of flowers; annuals and perennials, plus berries, vegetables and herbs. After taking the master gardening program through Cornell extension, I have a real passion for growing healthy plants with organic products. LIFEFORCE gives me a great new way to supplement my compost without having to resort to synthetic chemicals.

Susan Sullivan

Master Gardener, Hamlin, NY

It’s like doing home composting on a huge scale. I really like the idea that with LIFEFORCE, we’re putting food back into the land to grow more food. And it has more of the complex amino and organic acids growing food needs. Choosing LIFEFORCE supports more ethical and sustainable solutions to living in harmony with our planet.

Alyssa Johnson

Certified Clinical Botanist, Los Angeles, CA

I feel sad when I see food go to waste. With my art focus on positive and healing energies, I see LIFEFORCE as a creative way to recycle natural nutrients and reduce landfills at the same time. It’s a fabulous idea I can’t wait to share with my neighbors. stardolphin.com

Eva Sakmar-Sullivan

Artist, stardolphin.com, Yorktown, VA

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