Family + Farmstead + American Ingenuity bring you LIFEFORCE™.

Josh Krenz knows the business of farming from both sides — from large-scale sophistication and multi-national distribution to boot-strapping start ups. With Vivid Life Sciences and LIFEFORCE brand products, we’re talking about the latter.

Whether tending to his specialty Highland cattle, organizing trips to the farm for local schools and charity events, or helping with his wife’s veterinary clinic, Josh follows his heart but calculates his path forward with a head for business and a vision to bring more sustainability and performance to plant nutrition.

“Learning about a new field of eco-friendly biologicals and natural biostimulants that could reduce pesticides and enhance plant health was one of the inspirations behind the business of Vivid Life Sciences,” said Josh. “Learning how we could bring richer, more natural nutrition to plants in a way that reduced global food waste is what sparked creation of the LIFEFORCE brand.”

“Being as efficient and sustainable as possible is all part of good farming, and good business. When we were able to connect the business dots that helped bring this food waste based fertilizer to life, I knew the LIFEFORCE brand had real potential to make a significant dent in America’s huge problem of food waste,” explains Josh.

The LIFEFORCE brand has already proven itself in the agricultural markets, and by making it available to consumers and all business online, Josh hopes he can raise awareness about the food waste problem so more conscious efforts are made to reduce it.

Be more than a Greener Gardener, be a Food Waste Warrior.

We like to recognize and celebrate all our customers who might buy LIFEFORCE brand products to grow better plants, and stay loyal to the product because they know it’s good for plants, people and the planet. They truly are Food Waste Warriors who make a difference.

People are a lot more consciences about the products they choose these days. For those looking for responsible, organic and more sustainable choices, LIFEFORCE is a great fit. I really like the idea of using smart, new food disposal technologies to advance ecology. I’m exited to try LIFEFORCE on my crop of hot peppers.

Allen Fernandez

I.T. Analyst. Home Gardener, Minneapolis, MN

I recycle, compost and re-use everything I can, but it seems there’s never enough compost for all my plants. I grow all types of flowers; annuals and perennials, plus berries, vegetables and herbs. After taking the master gardening program through Cornell extension, I have a real passion for growing healthy plants with organic products. LIFEFORCE gives me a great new way to supplement my compost without having to resort to synthetic chemicals.

Susan Sullivan

Master Gardener, Hamlin, NY

I work at the lunchroom of a high school in the Minneapolis suburbs and I can’t believe how much food is wasted. It’s a good idea to be able to turn wasted food into something useful like fertilizer. I’m looking forward to trying LIFEFORCE on my garden.

Christine Zaragoza

Home Gardener, Plymouth, MN

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